With an easy to use system, consisting of indoor stations with special call functions and a software for the communication central, supportive solutions for everday life can be implemented.

For buildings with assisted living areas or care facilities, TCS offers individually adaptable and scalable functions. Those support residents in their everday life and reduce the load on staff. From the communication central, all functions can be triggered and logged round the clock. 

  • for up to 2,000 flats
  • commissioning even via already existing indoor stations
  • call diversion to fixed or mobile phones


  • Residents can trigger assistance calls via the indoor station of the communicaiton system or radio transmitters.
  • The assistance calls can be combined additionally with detectors that are triggered manually or automatically, such as emergency buttons in the bathroom, smoke or presence detectors.
  • Assistance calls are accepted at the central.
  • The resident is informed directly by the central. If necessary, the resident can be informed via speaking-into-the-room without any interaction of the resident with the indoor station.
  • Assistance calls can be diverted to fixed or mobile phones if the central is unmanned:
  • The staff is informed via voice messages about the type of call as well as the flat number via fixed or mobile phone,
  • the service that the resident is addressed is ensured,
  • calls can be diverted to further user groups or single residents, if the staff is bound up elswhere.
  • Predefined resident groups or all residents can receive announcments from the central via the indoor stations.
  • If the motion detector registers longer breaks in activity of the resident, the central is informed automatically.
  • The door communication can be operated via the same system (door call from visitor to resident, door call from visitor to the central).


  • Assistance calls can be displayed simultaneously depending on their priority, which is previously defined in the software.
  • All activities / actions are logged at the central
  • Checking all indoor stations and detectors run automatically
  • cyclical or can be triggered manually, also through TCS maintenance staff.
  • All central actions can be forwarded via potential-free transfer contacts.


Concierge / Central

Software call central

  • Windows PC system with software
  • Software is optimised for touchscreen operation
  • TTI2 tabletop phone with desktop accessory


Indoor station with special call function

item no. ISW3330

  • can be triggered via hands-free device with special call function
  • duplex communication with central
  • Listen-in-to-rooms after assistance call
  • Speaking-into-rooms
  • Receiving group announcements
  • Function: resident calls the central
  • Triggering an assistance call to the central
  • Maximum volume for voice output and ring tone during an announcement 
  • Triggering a call via wristband or necklace (a radio transmistter board is to be installed)
  • Training up to 5 radio sensors
  • Optical and acoustical error indication
  • Audio privacy function and automatic call cut-OFF after 2 minutes
  • supports protocols for assisted living

Audio indoor station with special call function

item no. IMM1500

  • can be triggered via audio indoor station with special call and door release function
  • duplex communication with central
  • Listen-in-to-rooms after an assistance call
  • Speaking-into-rooms 
  • Receiving group announcments
  • Function: resident calls the central
  • Trigger an assistance call to the central
  • Function button can be freely assigned
  • Triggering a call via wristband or necklace (radio transmitter board is to be installed)
  • motion detector
  • 3-coloured buttons (red, yellow, green) with labelling field to assign individual control functions or internal calls
  • Audio privacy function and automatic call cut-OFF after 2 minutes
  • Internal call to 3 call destinations
  • call diversion
  • Alarm function
  • SOS call

[Translate to Englisch:] Auslösbar über Lichtschaltertaster

  • button with assistance call function or central "OFF“ function
  • pressing button once, switches the light.
  • Pressing the button for a longer period of time, triggers an assistance call to a deposited phone number.
  • button replaces standard light switch button
  • Can be retrofitted easily with flat cable, e.g. behind the wallpaper
  • The solution is planned in cooperation with our partner Provedo.
  • Provedo micro server is necessary


e.g. radio signal device

item no. FFL2100

  • mobile radio gong for power socket with light signal function for additional optical and acoustical signalling


e.g. radio sensor, 1 channel, wristband

item no. 0022931

  • Mobile assitance calls via indoor station


  • AAL functions can be integrated into the installation of door comunication and can be retrofitted at any time.
  • The system is planned according to the given functional processes.
  • Logging of all central activities for verification
  • Forwarding of detections, depending on the functional concept

Project planning

  • An appropriate wiring is the main condition for functionality.
  • TCS:BUS audio systems should be installed with 3-wire technology and video systems with 6-wire technology.
  • In most inctances the already existing old cablingcan still be used.
  • Selecting the required assistance functions in cooperation with the operater.
  • Selecting suitable TCS indoor and front door stations and detectors
  • The planning of the system should consider the performance of the functions in relation to personnel strength as well as the number of residents.
  • Assistance call functions can be implemented also via already existing light switch buttons.
  • For assistance calls as well as the central "OFF” function the Provedo micro server is necessary.

Please directly contact the TCS expert planning team.

  • TCS supports project planning as well as individual projects with a team of specialised planners.
  • A contact person of TCS, responsible for the project, accompanies the project.
  • On requirement, the commissioning of the system can be implemented by TCS. Also technical support and further development can be given.


  • With the TCS:PLUS solution Acces into networks, previously defined persons can get access to flats in case of an emergency.


Phone: +49 3933/8799-510


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