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Comfort functions ‚Äď such as internal communication ‚Äď to extend door communication with an intercom application. This makes temporary talking via two ore more indoor stations possible. The comfort function door release automatic, automatically triggers the door opener when pressing the bell button.

In buildings with a high number of visitors, further functions can be implemented by adapting the installation structure of the door communication.

  • automatic door release when triggering a door call (ringing)
  • room-to-room calls
  • announcements
  • hand-free talking function possible

Internal communication

  • internal calls and calls from the reception / from the central to one or several indoor stations e.g. in treatment rooms
  • internal calls and calls from an indoor station to the reception / central
  • internal calls from the reception / from the central e.g. to adjacent areas, side entrances, roller shutters, barrier systems at entry and exit lanes
  • announcement function from the reception / from the central to one or several radio signal bells


  • automatic door release, if visitors / patients are pressing the bell button at the front door station
  • The door release automatic can be (de-)activated user-friendly via a button at the comfort indoor station.
  • The automatic door release function reduces workload on staff in buildings with high visitor traffic during the opening hours, e.g. in surgeries or daycare facilities.

Possible applications

  • Internal calls from reception to individual internal stations, e.g. in offices, law firms or doctor's surgeries
  • Room-to-room conversations about the indoor stations, e.g. in doctor's surgeries, medical facilities, day-care centres or schools
  • Announcements to waiting areas via one or more bells
  • Answering calls / conversations from visitors at barriers or driveways
  • In-the-room listening and In-the-room speaking function e.g. in day-care centres, care facilities, treatment rooms

System Components


e.g. Series CARUS TAVOLA

  • to transfer door calls
  • communication to and from indoor stations
  • communication to and from front door stations within barrier systems, entry and exit lanes
  • live announcements and recorded announcements via the indoor station
  • forwarding door calls to fixed or mobile telephones via TKI interface

For the application central, further TCS audio and video indoor stations are available - depending on functional requirements, price segment and design:

  • Standard device of the series IMM1100 audio / video, can be extended with comfort keypad. Desktop accessory available
  • CARUS ADAPTO CAI1000 manufactured device, can be extended with comfort keypad. Desktop accessory available

Front Door Stations

e.g. Front Door Station SERIES AVE

For applications in the outdoor area, several TCS audio and video front door stations in all price segments, depending on functional requirements and design are available:

Fitting TCS front door stations, audio / video, type of installation: surface-mount

Suitable TCS front door stations, audio / video, type of installation: flush-mount

Internal Communication

  • For internal calls / announcements and calls

Audio indoor station of the ISW series


Radio Signal Bell

  • For internal calls / announcements


Radio Bell Mechanism

Triggering the door release automatic requires indoor stations, that support this comfort function.

Depending on functional requirements, price segment and design the follwing TCS indoor stations are available:


Audio indoor stations

  • ISH3130 / ISW3130
  • Series IMM

Video indoor stations

  • IVH3222
  • Series IMM
  • Origo
  • SKY

Advantages for the operator

  • Guarantees efficient workflows in facilities with high visitor traffic
  • Reduced staff workloads
  • Functions: talking, listening and monitoring
  • Functions can be modified at any time.

Project planning

  • An appropriate wiring is the main condition for functionality.
  • Planning of TCS:BUS systems in 2-/3-wire operation or for video systems with 6-wire operation.
  • Setting comfort functions with the free TCS configuration software configo.
  • The function door release automatic can be also implemented in objects with several entrances by installing a door release relay into the front door station, in a flush-mounted socket or as DIN-rail device.
  • TCS supports project planning as well as individual projects with a team of specialised planners.
  • A contact person of TCS, responsible for the project, accompanies the project.
  • On requirement the commissioning of the system can be done by TCS. Also technical support and further development can be given.


Tel: +49 3933/8799-510
E-Mail: tcsplus@tcsag.de

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