Digital name plate management at the front and flat door makes the building managament much more easier for operators. Names of tenants can be easily updated via browser – centrally and independently from location of the buildings.

The TCS front door station series ADX5 and AMI as well as the floor push button are equipped with digital name plates. So the operator can easily and comfortably manage names of tenants via the TCS:PLUS web interface and assign them to the front door station with a simple mouse-click. Thus, over-stickered name plates belong to the past.

  • Front door station displays up to 30 names.
  • Floor push button displays a name at the flat door.
  • Access systems can be easily integrated.


  • TCS front door stations with digital name plates display up to 1.000 names.
  • The names are entered centrally with the user software and then transmitted to the front door station.
  • The BCM central controls the communication between front door station and software and establishes the online connection.
  • TCS front door stations with digital display are available for all mounting types as well as for integration into individually layouted door fronts.
  • At flat doors, a floor push button can digitally display a name.
  • Extension in networks with TCS:PLUS solution access control possible. Please order the corresponding system description. You'll find more information at the back cover of this flyer.


  • Property management as well as housing industry companies which want to manage a big scale of buildings using digital support tools
  • Buildings with a high fluctuation of tenants, such as office units in work spaces, student Accommodations
  • Company buildings, office complexes
  • Public institutions




  • For central name management
  • Can be operated easily via web interface
  • The scope of delivery of the TCS:BUS central encloses the basic software as well as the power supply unit
  • Further functions and licences can be added


Video front door station with digital display

item no. ADA59210

  • front door station series ADX5 with digital name plate, availabe as audio or video variant.
  • up to 30 names can be displayed
  • also with integrated access reader
  • operation via buttons
  • Types of mounting: surface-mount, flush-mount, built-in integration

Display module for integration into front door stations

item no. AMI10105

  • For front door stations of the series AMI or for integration into customised stations of the series KTU
  • up to 1,000 names can be displayed
  • Available as audio or video variant
  • Operation with keyboard or jog wheel module
  • Graphic LCD display (160 x 160 points)
  • Types of mounting: flush-mount, built-in integration

Front door station with digital name plate

item no. ADU4

  • front door station ADU4 with touch screen display for digital name indication
  • up to 1,000 names can be displayed
  • available as audio variant
  • operation via touch screen
  • additional information such as opening hours can be displayed
  • types of mounting: flush-mount, built-in integration
  • 12.1" (30.5 cm)


e.g. floor push button with digital name plate

item no. FBA4100-0119

  • button with display for digital indication of up to 2 names
  • Available for surface- or flush-mount


BCM central 2 TIF | 12 SU

item no. 800-003-2xxx

  • >> 2 TIF / 12 SU, for up to 2 front door stations
  • >> 4 TIF / 12 SU, for up to 4 front door stations
  • >> TCP / IP ethernet
  • >> RS484 BUS
  • >> Configuration via browser-based software TCS:PLUS
  • >> Operation system Linux
  • >> Registration via licence code
  • >> Synchronisation


  • Time saving when tenants change
  • Easy, centrally controlled name management
  • Location-independent updating of data
  • Extendable with TCS:PLUS access system
  • No software installation required


Phone: +49 3933/8799-510


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