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Concierge and barrier systems

For buildings where door communication from several entrances, operating a barrier system and residential calls should come together at a single point. For this TCS offers the required equipment. With product or software solutions from TCS, gatekeeper and concierge tasks are comfortably and easily managed.

  • Door communication and door release
  • Operating barrier systems
  • Monitor accesses and guiding visitors
  • Execution of services (mail, service etc.)


The concierge or gatekeeper are single points of contacts within objects or buildings and have the following tasks:

  • monitoring of entrances for employees, visitors and suppliers
  • visitor guidance within the building
  • controlling of barrier systems, gate access and access to side entrances
  • establishing voice connections to barrier systems at entry and exit lanes
  • transferring calls to indoor stations
  • call forwarding from and to an indoor station or telephone (fixed or wireless)
  • activation of day/night switch
  • triggering or quitting automatic announcements in the building
  • announcements to all or single indoor stations in the building

Possible applications

  • quarters and sophisticated housing
  • hotels
  • fair and convention centres
  • public buildings, authorities and institutions
  • hospitals and medical centers
  • nursing facilities and assisted living
  • car parks
  • buildings for trade and industry
  • kindergartens and schools
  • recreational facilities
  • hostels and accommodations
  • commercial and industrial buildings

System Components




  • door call transferring
  • communication to and from indoor stations
  • communication to and from front door stations in barrier systems, entry and exit lanes
  • barrier opening function
  • announcement resp. recorded announcements via indoor station
  • diversion of door calls to fixed or wireless phones with TKI-Interface possible

Front door Stations

e.g. Front door stations Series AVE

For applications in the outdoor, TCS offers a wide range of TCS audio and video front door stations in all price segments, depending on functional requirements as well as design:

Suitable TCS front door stations, audio / video, type of installation: surface-mount

Suitable TCS front door stations, audio / video, type of installation: flush-mount

Indoor Stations

e.g. Indoor Station Series TASTA

For appplications indoors, TCS offers a wide range of audio and video indoor stations in all price segments, depending on functional requirements and design:

Suitable TCS indoor stations, audio / video, type of installation: surface-mount

Benefits for the operator

  • a high level of safety due to controllable entrances and traffic lanes
  • accessability even in case of absence
  • functional adjustable components for every requirement and building infrastructure
  • secure, readily available functions
  • large product range of indoor and front door stations, also for integration into posts, barrier systems or letterbox systems

Project planning

  • An appropriate wiring is the main condition for functionality.
  • TCS:BUS audio systems with concierge function require 3-wire technology and video systems 6-wire technology.
  • Alternatively, the above mentioned functions can be implemented with IP-technology.
  • Selecting functions according to the requirements
  • Selecting the central as concierge station or software call central - depending on the number of connected indoor stations and clients
  • Selecting indoor stations that support comfort functions
  • TCS supports project planning as well as individual projects with a team of specialised planers.
  • A contact person of TCS, responsible for the project, accompanies the project.
  • On requirement the commissioning of the system can be implemented by TCS. Also technical support and further development can be given.


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E-Mail: tcsplus@tcsag.de


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