Access into Networks

An easy allocation of access rights offers advantages over Stand Alone solutions. With the scalable and easy-to-retrofit system, access can be managed loaction-independent.
Assigning and withdrawing rights via web interface offers significant advantages for managing buildings – whether for holiday apartments or several company locations. Access rights can be created depending on persons or groups and can be modified at any time with immediate effect: possible with the sustainable, flexible and retrofittable TCS access control system.

  • central administration
  • for up to 100,000 user and 1 million actions
  • online administration of access rights


  • assignment of user-related, spatial and temporal defined access rights
  • administration of up to 100,000 user, also in groups
  • access is granted in real time via analysing access rights
  • modified access rights, even to further doors, can be written directly from the online reader at the door to the transponder card resp. the identification tool
  • credit management possible


  • The browser-based application software TCS:PLUS centrally manages and documents access rights.
  • In case of a voltage breakdown, all functions can still be used when connecting a battery to the central.
  • The functional endurance is granted also in case of a network failure.
  • Current conditions in the building, such as open doors or defect system components, are displayed.
  • The data backup is granted via permanent synchronisation between the BCM centrals.
  • Documentation and archiving of access actions.


  • at TCS online resp. offline readers
  • at TCS front door stations with integrated online reader
  • Access is granted via transponder card / tag, PIN code, phone number or handheld transmitter.


  • in the houisng industry, even with decentral housing stock
  • credit management for services e.g. swimming pools, washrooms, fitness rooms, party rooms
  • access to entrances and offices in companies, even with several company locations
  • access to car parks, parking spaces and underground car parks
  • authorised access to floors via elevator
  • access to holiday appartments, even with different locations
  • access management in hotels, schools and kindergarten
  • access to and within public institutions, hospitals, ministries, universities, even with sensitive areas
  • access to student residences
  • access to rented Self Storages



e.g. MIFARE® transponder reader with activatable writing function

item no. 802-003-1100/-1110 with code keypad

  • online operation
  • numeric code entry or card
  • type of key: card, tag, variable PIN, mobile phone number, handheld transmitter, button
  • status message
  • request to exit
  • client ability
  • time zones + time management
  • remote maintenance (web access)
  • HTML5 responsive
  • logging
  • anti-passback
  • bookable and billable access
  • floor layout planner
  • XML output
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • type of mounting: surface-mount, flush-mount or for integration

key technologies: MIFAREClassic, MIFARE© DESfire, Prox ENxxx

e.g. online reader integrated into front door stations item no. ADI59280 / AMI K34AS

  • online reader module, codelock and keypad module for integration into front panels of the series AMI or for bell button tableaus withindividual dimensions series KTU


e.g. BCM wall reader FL MIFARE® / BCM electronic knob cylinder for outdoor and indoor areas

item no. 802-003-5114 / 813-003-3030

  • offline operation, Stand Alone operation
  • card
  • type of key: card, tag
  • client ability
  • time zones
  • time management
  • HTML5 responsive
  • logging
  • bookable and billable access
  • floor layout planner
  • XML output
  • for indoor and outdoor usage
  • type of mounting: surface-mount, flush-mount or for integration
  • key technoligies: MIFAREClassic, MIFARE© DESfire, Prox ENxxx


e.g. BCM central 2 TIF | 12 TE

item no. 800-003-2xxx

  • 2 TIF / 12 TE for up to 4 reader at 2 doors
  • 4 TIF / 12 TE for up to 8 reader at 4 doors
  • controlling reader / door opener
  • data base for up to 1 million actions
  • up to 100,000 user
  • TCP / IP ethernet
  • RS484 BUS
  • configuration via browser-based software
  • operating system Linux
  • registration via licence code
  • synchronisation


User Software

  • basic licence 100B for 10 clients
  • basic licence 1500B for 100 clients
  • basic licence 3000B for 250 clients
  • registration via licence code
  • synchronisation


e.g. transponder card

item no. MCARD01

  • transponder key - tag with MIFARE© SWID
  • transponder key - tag4k with MIFARE© SWID with 4k storage
  • card MIFARE© WS ID with ID number
  • card MIFARE© WS
  • card 4kMIFARE© with 4k storage
  • card 4kMIFARE© DESFireEV1 with ID number
  • 4 channel handheld transmitter with up to 25 m range
  • number of a mobile phone


  • maintenance package with configuration cards, spare programming cards, battery adapter, opening tool and dismantling tool


  • Compared to standard keys, there are minimal costs for replacing keys
  • Higher residential value and more safety for tenants
  • Control of access, exit and door status
  • Grandfahterhing due to non-destructive access in case of an emergency
  • Individually plannable and extendable/ retrofittable at any time
  • Increase of the estate value


  • network, voltage supply 230 V / 50 Hz, IY(ST)Y2 x 2 x 0.8
  • An appropriate wiring is the main requirement for functionality.
  • scalable and individually adaptable system
  • can be retrofitted into already existing TCS:BUS systems
  • door communication can be retrofitted also into external systems
  • floor plans can be used during the planning for visualisation
  • interface to link-up external systems, such as hotel software
  • TCS supports project planning as well as individual projects with a team of specialised planners.
  • commissioning can be executed by TCS
  • technical support can be executed by TCS
  • can be integrated into the TCS:PLUS solution as additional function for age-appropriate living and care


Tel: +49 3933/8799-510


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