Wholesale and retail

TCS offers system solutions for wholesale and retail. For internal communication inside the shop, the cashier section, to suppliers entrances as well as to the storage, TCS systems can be set up as cashier call systems. The system can also be extended to a sound system with announcement functions. Barrier systems, doors and gates are centrally operated with the door communication and entrances are secured by locking systems.

  • Cashier call system
  • Communication central station for the cashier supervisor
  • Linking with sound systems for announcements
  • Telephone linking for redirection to mobile telephones
  • Controlling the door communication, doors and barrier systems
  • Staff access for interior and front doors
  • Suppliers access with numeric code via remote transmission by SMS

With the TCS product system cashier call systems for wholesale and retail can be set up. The central idea is the communication between a central station of the cashier supervisor to the individual cashier desks but also to suppliers entrances as well as to the storage section.

Such systems can be extended for announcements to the whole shop or the storage section in combination with an ELA sound system. With the central station of the cashier supervisor also a barrier system, door and gate releases can be operated.

Staff and suppliers access

For security reason, entrances and accesses can be equipped with locking systems with and without keys. In doing so, access rights can be given permanently, depending on day times or simply on a temporary basis. A supplier can, e.g. get access to a storage in the morning hours by sending out a numeric code for a code lock on site. Sales staff, however, can be given transponder cards to get access from the outside into the individual interior sections. Furthermore, the sales management can have unlimited access and administration rights with a master key. With locking systems for electronic access control a flexible and secure access rights system can be set up.

The system can be modularly extended to the following functions:

  • Video surveillance
  • Locking systems
  • Access control

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