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UP-Video-Au├čenstation (Aluminium, bronze eloxiert) mit Domekamera, Vollmetall-Klingeltaster (eloxiert Messing)

Video surveillance

A TCS door communication system can be easily extended to a video surveillance. TCS offers solutions of various scaling from video surveillance of a single entrance to spacious area surveillance of residential and functional buildings. Video front door stations with decently integrated cameras as well as separate cameras are used for this purpose. Combinations with the central image storage or the implementation of PTZ-cameras open solutions with a high technical standard.

  • Video front door stations in all installation versions with decently integrated cameras
  • Selection of video cameras with various optics, day-night switching and IR lighting
  • Implementation of PTZ-cameras
  • High-capacity central image storage
  • Video indoor stations for an individual camera control
  • Event-driven image storage

Decent Implementation

TCS enables a simple video surveillance of entrances and accesses by using video front door stations in all installation versions. The video systems can be supplemented additionally with separate video cameras. Using various optics these cameras survey individual entrances.

PTZ-cameras and an individual camera control

With the help of interfaces also standard PTZ-cameras with tilt, zoom and pan technology can be implemented into the TCS:BUS system for a substantial and professional video surveillance. Functions such as individual camera control, definition of prepositions, discretion limitations or pixelating of image segments as well as event-driven image storage can be used. PTZ-cameras can be individually controlled by relevant elements at the video indoor stations. It is also possible to combine the superimposition of certain prepositions with door calls, e.g. at the entrance or at the gate and thus to be in the picture immediately. By pushing a button snapshots of the camera images can be individually stored.

Central image storage

For image storage the video front door stations and separate cameras can be combined with the high-capacity central image storage. So it is recorded, who rang the bell during personal absence or who used the access road. Images, loaded out of the image storage are displayed with date and time information. By this control and surveillance possibility the video surveillance contributes to building security.

The system can be modularly extended to the following functions:

  • Locking systems
  • Access control
  • Telephone linking
  • LAN and WIFI as well as internet implementation
  • Switching and display functions

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