With TCS:plus begins a new period for planers, installers and users in the technological development of the building communication. Beginning with an installed TCS door intercom the building communication can, today or even in the future, be extended with a wide range of functional applications and devices. This is not be done –stand alone-, instead all applications are, thanks to the newest web-based technology, equipped in the way that TCS as manufacturer can continually provide them with new developed function extensions. TCS:plus facilities can be put in operation via a web interface and the maintenance is very convenient for the installer via remote access. By this means users, planners and installers decide today for the comfort of tomorrow.

TCS:plus – Application Overview



Application Manager

The application manager is a web-based software, with which the TCS:plus application solutions can be controlled with a PC or tablet via remote access. Even for the remote maintenance the application manager can be used.

Ambient Assistant Systems

  • Caretaker calls with optical display
  • Special calls with sensors
  • “listening” and “speaking” in the respective room
  • In combination with the access system, access rights for the front door and flat can be activated via a service call for doctors etc.

Key Management – central and automated

  • Management of access rights via a web interface
  • Access with numeric code or transponder
  • Codelocks and readers for all doors
  • Independent of electric door opener

Individual information for residents via video indoor station

  • Display of short messages
  • Display of consumption data etc.



Information in special cases

  • Central fire brigade announcement via only one fire brigade announcement unit or one main outdoor station
  • Reception of announcements on indoor stations



General information for residents via display at the entrance

  • Digital notice board
  • Building Management System
  • Room assignment plans
  • Availability of parking spaces
  • Allocation of storage rooms to residents
  • Winter service information
  • Information on removals 
  • Display of the house regulations

Central name management via remote access

  • Digital name display on outdoor stations, letterboxes and floor door bells



Booking & Billing – Systems for booking, service and billing

Digital communication tool for e.g.: 

  • Booking of rooms within a residential complex
  • Ordering of services
  • Ordering repair requests




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