Pharmacies must be reachable during emergency working hours. In order to guarantee an effective presence without having to be on site, the front door station can redirect a door call at the pharmacy's entrance automatically on to mobile or landline telephones and thus calling the staff. A voice communication is simply established by pushing a button .

  • Pharmacy connection, redirecting to mobile or landline telephones
  • Redirecting of a door call on to a number stored in the system
  • Insuring of reachability during emergency working hours or out of business hours

Pharmacies need to be available during standby hours as well as when taking over patient-centred or emergency working hours during weekends or on holidays. Since in these periods customers are not always present, the standby staff is called for by telephone at the entrance by the customer. For this purpose a front door station at the pharmacy entrance can be linked to a telephone system und the telephone number of the standby staff can be stored accordingly. This redirecting of calls can easily (de-)activated by pushing a button during relevant periods.

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