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In multi-family dwellings there are often functional requests to the door communication, door surveillance as well as the automatic resp. Controlled door release. Especially in systems with several entrances and staircases several front door stations are installed. 

  • Operation of several front door stations
  • Door release management
  • Ring tone differentiation
  • Door surveillance OPEN/CLOSED resp. Locked/Unlocked
  • walking-through lock function between two consecutive doors

When inside a residential building several front door stations are installed at several entrances and staircases it should be ensured to open always the right door - no matter whether it is a main entrance or a floor door. Bearing this in mind, three, four or more doors need to be connected to the communication system. In this case it is important that the door release command of the indoor stations opens automatically and only the right door.

For the door release management as well as for the multi-station operation TCS designed front door stations for larger door communication systems with special components for a functional extension of front door and indoor stations. Also a walking-through lock function between two consecutive doors is configurable.

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