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Locking systems

Locking systems are designed to open front and interior doors with or without electronic door release. Access can be granted either by numeric codes, transponders or also biometrically with a finger print. For this reason, input and reader units, without any installation or overhaul efforts, are operated as small systems stand-alone or are integrated into door communication system as an extended function.

  • Door release with three different technologies
  • Transponder technology to release doors without electronic door release
  • Application for door release or for alternative release functions
  • Available as pre-fabricated small system

Three technologies enable the door release either by numeric codes, transponders or biometrically with finger print. The function can be installed stand-alone or can also be integrated into front door stations and operated accordingly. In any case, a compact code lock can be installed at the front door but also in interior rooms being as slim as a switch. Access is granted by entering a numeric code and thus it is key-less. The core advantage is that numeric codes can be easily send out and used on site without having to present an identification badge such as transponder cards. A small system can also be equipped with a transponder reader and relevant transponder cards. The reader can either be installed surface-mount or be integrated into a knob cylinder, depending whether an electronic door release is available. In as such, interior doors can be equipped with knob cylinder-integrated transponder readers. Apart from door release by these three technologies also alternative trigger functions such as switching of light or operating a door drive.

Flexible installation and integration variants

The input and reader devices of a locking system can be separated and separately installed and thus they offer an easy to install solution which is suitable for retrofitting resp. Extensions of an existing communication system. When installing a new communication system the input and reader device can be directly integrated into front door stations.

The system can be modularly extended to the following functions:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Telephone linking
  • LAN and WIFI as well as internet linking

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Pre-configured systems

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