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Linking of telephone systems

By linking TCS door communication systems with a telephone system door calls, established on a front door station at the entrance, can be redirected to a mobile or landlinetelephone. The called person answers the door call and talks with the visitors. Pushing a button on the mobile or landlinetelephone the door is released and thus access is granted without having to be on site.

  • Telephone linking for door communication with visitors, also when being absent
  • Day/Night switching for redirecting of door calls
  • Reception of malfunction signals on (mobile) telephones
  • Internal communication for better reachability also when being absent
  • Signal and switching functions for door release and switching when being absent

Telephone linking

A TCS door communication system can be linked to an existing telephone system with an interface. For this reason, new fields of application are seen such as redirecting of door calls on to landlineor mobile telephones. When the bell button is pushed at a door the system establishes a communication connection with a stored call number. Also chain calls can be set up ensuring, in case of no answer or busy signal, that further call numbers are dialled one after the other until the call is answered.

Triggering switching functions with tone selection

When a communication connection with the TCS door communication system is established, the door release of the system as well as the light can be switched with tone selection at a standard (mobile) telephone. This results in the possibility to release doors and switch lights from anywhere. By a specific switching of up to 10 actors also additional electrical consumers or selected circuits can be switched on or off.

Internal communication

From a (mobile) telephone up to three indoor stations of a TCS system can be specifically called for. In the opposite direction, an external call number, stored in the system, can be called with direct call buttons. Direct call buttons at an indoor station are rather practical in case of guests of a holiday flat wanting to get into contact with their landlord in an easy way or children, staying at home, can easily get into contact with their parents by pushing a button.

Reception of malfunction signals

The interface is able to also send out status memos as an info call with special tone signal to a (mobile) telephone. So it is possible to monitor, e.g., the heating or climate systems and, in case of an emergency, receive an info call.

Day/Night switching

The interface of the system offers the possibility to manually activate a day/night switching. In doing so, different call numbers, depending on the day time, can be stored.

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