Large plants and Residential parks

Large plants such as residential pars or skyscraper projects with a high number of residents require large and extensive building communication and security systems. With TCS systems even several thousands of residential or business units can be linked in an optimised way, even if separated in different locations or in function. Easy-to-read displays and additional functions such as concierge stations or door communication via smartphones are mere child's play with TCS. 

  • Set up of sub systems and their linking for large plants
  • special power supplies for long cables
  • front door stations for main and side entrances
  • main front door station with up to 1.000 call destinations with the function of fire brigade announcements
  • announcement function of indoor stations
  • concierge station or software for PC central stations
  • phone connection to analogue systems or VoIP systems

Set up of sub systems and their linking for large plants with TCS:BUS system

In larger plants with several buildings or in residential parks with controlled entrances a high-capacity door and building communication system faces special technical challenges. In large-roomed projects very long cable distances for signal transmission must be overcome and must be divided into several sub systems. The so designated supply and control units are especially designed for large plants with extreme distances for cabling and thus enables an easy and reliable set up of a complex overall system. In this overall system several sub systems (Local:BUS) can be linked through one central bus (Central:BUS) to a large plant system. 

Front door stations for main and side entrances

Apart from one or several main entrances large plants have additional supplier and personnel entrances. From the main entrances normally voice connections to all residents are required resulting in several hundreds of call destinations in large plant systems. TCS developed special display front door stations which list up to 1.000 call destinations resp. names in alphabetic order and can be intuitively selected. Several front door stations can be linked in one system and all additions can be administered through a central resp. concierge station.

Concierge station

A concierge can answer calls with the TCS concierge station from several entrances, connect these through or operate door and barrier systems by pushing a button and thus surveying access to the plant centrally. In linking the system to the telephone network or to a LAN-network resp. to the internet, the door communication with front door stations can also be realised with remote control. Larger central stations such as reception desks are equipped with a PC software for telephone central stations.

Integration of further additional functions

The system can be connected via interface with the public telephone network resulting in not only local indoor stations but also landlineor mobile telephones can be used for door communication worldwide. Another additional function is the connection of the system to local LAN networks and to the internet. This connection enables video door communication via PC or via mobile devices such as tablet PCs or smartphones.

Display front door stations, e.g. at main entrances, can be equipped with the function fire brigade announcements. The switching of the software is effected by a fire alert. The activated surface enables grouping of single residences in certain building sections in order to send alert signals or announcements to the indoor stations of the flats. 

We would like to inform you about further options. Please contact us. 

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