LAN, WIFI and internet linking

The linking of door communication to LAN, WIFI and internet opens doors worldwide. Receiving door calls via PC, releasing doors by pushing a button, doing video surveillance via the internet - with a TCS system over IP door communication can be done everywhere.

TCS over IP

  • Can be linked to high-capacity TCS:BUS systems without any problem.
  • Uses the operation options of IP networks: Linking a WIFI router, PC, VoIP telephones, smartphones
  • Offers with TCS:Softphone and TCS:App intelligent software for door communication

The future: boundless door and building communication

The field of mobile telephones and internet is growing fast worldwide and this not only as concerns entertainment. Also the daily living and working world is influenced by this: Office and administration jobs experience an increasing rate of networking. Working and living rooms are growing together, people interact on an ever growing and global basis. In general, an irreversible trend towards building automation and intelligent dwelling is recognised. Comfortable, flexible and integrated solutions are asked for. One of the driving forces for globally linked communication is its standardisation. Central part is the worldwide uniform standard TCP/IP and the infrastructure constructing on this. No matter whether you go for your personal solution exclusively on LAN or WIFI or for a high-capacity combination with the TCS:BUS - TCS is always your partner for door and building communication, also in the future.

With the TCS over IP system TCS offers modern and future-safe system solutions

The possibilities offered by TCS in the field of door and building communication are almost unlimited. No matter whether audio and video systems, access control, building security or assisted living - TCS has always an individual solution for individual demands. The multifunctional TCS:BUS system can be linked to local IP networks via interface without any problem and thus getting linked to the internet. With TCS over IP door communication can take place everywhere.

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