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Hotels, Boarding houses, Holiday flats

To react flexibly on the arrival times of your guests, quite often is not too easy for the operators of boarding houses, hotels and holiday flats. With TCS systems you can receive door calls from the entrance of the guest house at any location by mobile or landlinetelephones. The operator can communicate with the guests and open the door by pushing a button on the telephone without having to be on site. Thus, TCS enables the users more space and time flexibility for more freedom and additional guests.

  • Telephone linking for communication with guests in case of absence
  • Day/Night switching for redirecting of door calls
  • Reception of malfunction signals on (mobile) telephones
  • Internkommunikation f√ľr die bessere Erreichbarkeit auch unterwegs¬†
  • Internal communication for better reachability, also when being absent
  • Access control and video surveillance for more security and better control

Telephone linking

A TCS door communication system can be linked to an existing telephone system. Therefore, new usage possibilities are given such as redirecting of door calls to landlineor mobile telephones. When a bell button is pushed at the door the TK-Interface establishes a voice connection to a number, previously stored. Also chain calls can be set up where several numbers are dialled after each other until the call is answered.

Internal communication

From a (mobile) telephone up to three internal stations of a TCS system can be called. In the other direction, one previously stored external number can be dialled by pushing a direct call button at the station. Direct call buttons at an indoor station are especially practical when, e.g., guests of a holiday flat would like to get easily into contact with their landlord.

Day/Night switching

The system offers the possibility to manually activate a day/night switching. Various numbers can be stored which can be dialled for at certain times.

Reception of malfunction signals

The system can send out status messages as an info call with special tone signal to a (mobile) telephone. So users can survey e.g. heating or air conditioning systems and receive an info call in case of a malfunction.

Locking systems and Access control

Code locks enable visitors a key-less access with the help of transferable numeric codes. Users can open doors with transponder cards at transponder readers.

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