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Fire brigade announcements as integrated additional function

Door communication systems in residential complexes offer a big potential for security measures in an emergency case. As they are linked to each flat via a cabling of their own they offer the ideal possibility to inform the dwellers of a building in a quick and easy way. So a TCS door communication system can also be used for fire brigade announcements.

In conformity with regulations of the fire brigades by:

  • Emission of stored alert signals, messages and live announcements
  • At (video) indoor stations with a high noise level (up to 90 dB)
  • Selection of single flats, defined groups or of all flats via alert groups.
  • Optional with phase disruption to ensure functionality in case of device blackout
  • Execution with emergency power supply possible
  • Robust, vandalism-proof lockable, also suitable for outdoor installation

The extension of a TCS door communication system to the function of fire brigade announcements can alternatively achieved by using the fire brigade announcement device FDE as well as by display front door stations with this functionality. A fire brigade announcement device FDE is suitable for all sizes of systems. Whereas a display front door station with this functionality is mostly used in larger plants with many dwellers.

Display front door station with integrated fire brigade announcement

For activation of this functionality the product software of a display front door station can be switched to fire brigade announcement mode. This happens via fire brigade shut down. The software enables to pool single dwellers or call destinations in selected building sections to groups - up to 64 groups can be managed via this programme.

Alert signals and announcements warn dwellers

In case of an emergency, e.g. fire brigade announcements or stored messages can be send out to single flats. For this purpose, fire brigade announcement devices or, alternatively, a display front door station are needed. The fire brigade announcement device enables the emission of stored signal tones, two different stored messages or live announcements via the indoor station of a TCS door communication system. In using this, announcements via all indoor stations or to selected floors or building sections are possible.

Projected with the local fire brigade

The FDE is planned and projected together with the local fire brigade meeting project and T├ťV-specific regulations and must be installed at a place inside the building with easy access for the fire brigade or, protected from rain, at the outside of the building. The operation panel with its up to 51 buttons is designed to meet regulations of the fire brigade and thus can be easily selected and used in an emergency case.

Functional-proof, also in emergency cases

Phase disruptors ensure due functionality of the system. In case of a (video) indoor station failing the phase disruptor ensures the continuation of operation of the remaining system devices.

Reference projects

In the past years, TCS has equipped more than 4.000 flats with fire brigade announcement systems in Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Jena, Greifswald and Rostock.

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