Concierge and dwellers' information

In functional buildings various indoor stations can be used as communication, information and control stations. For larger plants it is recommended to manage via a PC with relevant software. By receiving memos at the video indoor stations a concierge or a facility management can selectively inform the dwellers or tenants. Dates, offers or services, which could only be communicated by a black board in the past, can be received at a video indoor station of each unit.

  • Door communication and door release
  • Operating barrier systems
  • Surveying accesses
  • Announcement of overhaul and service works
  • Announcement of metering dates or of power or water disconnections
  • Service offers (concierge, valet parking, reception of mail etc.)
  • Information about tenants' services (events, cleaning services etc.)


When the operation of a door or barrier system and dwellers' calls shall be received at a central station in case of several entrances in the building, TCS offers necessary equipment. With TCS central stations - as stations devices or executed with a PC software - the concierge tasks can be easily carried out without losing the overview. Apart from the TCS central devices further components are needed for the peripheral devices in accordance with the needs of the building structure, e.g. front door stations.

Dwellers' information as mail to message

A facility management can send out messages by mail to message from a PC to a video indoor station of a TCS door communication system. The memo is edited at a standard PC with the help of web interfaces of the management software BCM message. The web interface can be reached via browser from any PC. In the software the flats are structured according to the building and can be selected in groups. The edited memo can be sent as mail to message to the video indoor station of the selected systems. Shortly after that the memo is received on the video displays of the indoor stations. Depending on the type of indoor station the reception of a memo can be shown with a LED.

The web interface of BCM message

The web interface is a software access via browser which is possible to set up with any PC having an internet access. With the software the function mail to message for selected dwellers' information at video indoor stations can be used.

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