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Car parks and Underground car parks

Car parks and underground car parks are a special field of application for building communication. Long distances between the system components as well as a higher level of background noise are two challenges for which TCS offers an adequate system solution with special control units and front door stations. A central communication from and to the barrier systems as well as to the pay machines plays a key role as well as the possibility of video surveillance. 

  • Communication with and operation of barrier systems, pay machines and doors
  • Elevator communication system
  • Special call function in car parks
  • Call redirecting
  • Access control at entrances and access points

TCS communication systems for car parks and underground car parks are extendable to additional components which are designed to meet the requirements of this special field of application: maximum cable lengths, high noise levels as well as central detection and localisation of malfunction signals. TCS systems enable a direct communication with entrances and accesses. The control of barriers, gates and doors is done at a central station. Malfunction signals, e.g. from a pay machine, can be exactly localised. Additionally, an elevator communication system, a fire brigade announcement in case of danger as well as video surveillance can be integrated. The video surveillance can be controlled by a concierge but also by an external central station.

Call redirecting

Calls from entrances, pay machines and barrier systems cannot only be answered by a local central station or a local concierge. For more mobility and flexibility these calls can also be received by mobile DECT-telephones resp. redirected to an external central station.

Access control at entrances and accesses

Code locks offer a key-less access using numeric codes. A higher level of security is provided by transponder cards for each user, releasing the doors with transponder readers. The most secure technology for access control is a finger print reader. The manipulation-proof biometric data of designated people is read into the system and afterwards is being used for identification at the entrance. Installed readers and input devices can be used as local locking systems, stand-alone. For larger systems it is recommended for a central administration of the access rights an online operation with remote access control. More information

The system is extendable modularly to a fire brigade announcement. 

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