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Assisted living - Solutions for age-adjusted dwelling forms

In the course of demographic change age-adjusted dwelling forms such as facilities for service or assisted livingcome into existence. For such facilities TCS developed an application-optimised product system consisting of indoor stations with special call functions as well as a software for the required communication central stations.

  • Communication central station for carers
  • Indoor stations with special call functions
  • Mobile emergency call
  • Remote control for people with limited range of movement
  • Telephone linking for call redirection
  • Door communication, control of door and barrier systems
  • Access control for interior and front doors

Always within earshot

The indoor stations are equipped with an easy to handle operating concept for people in need and thus allow acoustic room surveillance and room announcements for the carers. The system enables the dwellers to call a carer by special calls at the indoor station or at so-called radio fingers any time. The dweller can trigger a special call with pushing an especially protruding call button. With a red LED a clear optical feedback is given about having established a call.

The mobile emergency call - more security for carers and more comfort for dwellers

For mobile triggering of special calls the indoor stations are extendable to a radio sensor in form of a bracelet or necklet. A call is sent out by a so-called radio finger (bracelet or tag) to a call central station in the nurses' station or to (mobile) or landline telephones.

Communication central station for carers

These indoor stations are supplemented by a central station which is equipped with the PC software "Call central station". With this software the dwellers' calls are answered and directly listened and spoken into single rooms. Dwellers' data can be stored and occurrences are protocolled in the system. Apart from dwellers' calls also central announcements. e.g. to inform the dwellers, are supported.

Door communication

The software "Call central station" at the PC in the nurses' station can also operate the door communication with entrances, doors and access roads and thus results in a PC central station for door and building communication.

The system can be modularly extended to the following functions:

  • Video door communication
  • Fire brigade announcements

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