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Access control

The electronic access control is a clever alternative for conventional door release with mechanical cylinder locks. The system BCM access offers more than just security. It is also of interest for cost and comfort awareness as they offer flexible usage and decreasing cost in the long-term. The advantage of electronic keys or codes is recognisable in case of loss or impending misuse: Codes are easily exchanged and electronic keys or cards can be replaced at low cost. The cost and time extensive change of cylinder locks gets obsolete. BCM access enables a modern, location-independent rights management via internet browser.

  • Door release with two different technologies and three operation variants
  • User-allocated access profiles with the administration of access rights and access times
  • Decentralised data storage and administration resp. management on the PC
  • Application for door release or for alternative trigger functions
  • Applicable for front and interior doors with or without electronic door release
  • Scalable systems with a multi-level licence model

When several users must be granted access into a building it is quite often a disadvantage to hand out mechanical keys of a locking system. Each lost key results in high cost for the exchange of the relevant lock cylinder. On top of that, too many keys are in circulation of which the person allocation and usage can hardly be controlled. In this case, the electronic access control is a reasonable alternative. Depending on type and size of the system TCS offers access by numeric codes at the input devices as well as with transponders at reading devices.

User-allocated access profiles and administration on the PC

With the System BCM access the input of user-allocated access profiles as well as of individual access right and access times is possible. For a high security in functionality the data storage is done decentralised. An administrator can administer the data via web interface in a browser location-independent and can monitor the functionality of the system permanently.

Alternative trigger functions

Input and reader devices are commonly used for door release. However, they can also be used for alternative trigger functions such as switching of light or operating gates. These devices can be installed at both front and interior doors with or without electronic door release.

Scalable systems with a multi-level licence model

In order to keep benefit and cost at an optimal ratio for the operators the BCM access system offers a system configuration scalable according to size and demand. The initial installation is done on basis of a multi-level licence model and can be extended in an easy, quick and flexible way bearing in mind increasing demands in the course of usage time.

The system can be modularly extended to the following functions:

  • Video surveillance
  • Telephone linking
  • LAN and WIFI as well as internet linking

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