With IRIS we bring farsightedness and elegance outside the door. The surface-mounted housings are made of aluminum bulk material. The design is characterized by a clear geometric language of forms, high-quality surfaces and a new type of sound exit with a very high audio quality.

  • For 1-3 flats
  • Finery
  • Energy-efficient LED lightning for name plate and buttons
  • Controlled by twilight sensor
  • Video station with 180 degree camera and digital PTZ function
  • Variants: audio, video, access control

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System and installation functions
Allocation per bell button max. 2 serial numbers resp. indoor stations
Trigger functions
Door call max. 3 call destinations
Light switching yes
Controlling of door release relay yes
(De) activated functions
Acknowledgement tone yes
Selection and settings
Volume voice output manual adjustable
Volume acknowledgement tone manual adjustable
Microphone sensitivity adjustable
Length of call 56 s
Door call standby time 56 s
Door call time on R-terminal 4 s
Call time 4 s
Name plate illumination energy saving | control via an adjustable twilight sensor
Key illumination yes
Error indication optically | acoustic
Status indication error | operating modes
Housing and installation
Type of installation Surface-mount
Material Aluminium | with structured surface refined by hand
Color of the housing silver | black
Weight 1,6 kg (Audio) | 2,2 kg (Video)
Bell buttons made of metal | chrome-plated and illuminated
Opening principle nameplate can be extracted from below
Functionally extendable with FAA1100-.. | FAA1200-.. | TOER2-EB
Video camera
Detection angle 180°
Camera type color
Focal length F = 2.0
Digital image correction yes
Day / night switchover yes
Video output symmetrically 1 Vss FBAS
System features
Signal transmission and power supply polarity-free and short-circuit protected 2-wire TCS:BUS
Wiring technique (number of wires) 3 necessary (audio) | 6 (video)
Mixed installation of audio, video, access control in one system possible
Dimensions in H x W x D in mm
Housing 240 x 150 x 27 (Audio) | 330 x 150 x 27 (Video)
Installation 365 x 150 x 27 (Audio) | 450 x 150 x 27 (Video)
Scope of delivery
Audio front-door station CAEx00x-015x (incl. product information, assembly instruction)

Technical data

Electrical features
Input current I(a) 0,1 mA (Audio) | 0,1 mA (Video)
Input current I(P), standby 49 mA (Audio) | 103 mA (Video)
Max. input current I(Pmax) 55 mA (Audio) | 120 mA (Video)
Input voltage U(P) 26 VDC (± 8%)
Commissioning and maintenance
Configuration options manually | with Service Device | with configo™
Climatic characteristics
acceptable ambient temperature -20 to +50 °C
Degree of protection IP44

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Front-door station with 1 key 240 x 150 x 27 mm CAE1001-015...
Front-door station with 2 keys 240 x 150 x 27 mm CAE1002-015...
Front-door station with 3 keys 240 x 150 x 27 mm CAE1003-015...
----- -----
Aluminium, anodised silver ...0
Aluminium, anodised bronze ...1
Aluminium, anodised black ...6
Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Video front-door station with 1 key 330 x 150 x 27 mm CAE2001-015...
Video front-door station with 2 keys 330 x 150 x 27 mm CAE2002-015...
Video front-door station with 3 keys 330 x 150 x 27 mm CAE2003-015...
----- -----
Aluminium, anodised natural ...0
Aluminium, anodised bronze ...1
Aluminium, anodised black ...6
Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Modules (order together with modul) 150 x 150 x 57 mm CAE4001-...

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