TCS:App for Smartphone und Tablet

The TCS:App* facilitates the operation of the door communication on a smartphone and tablet. Thus, the door can easily be kept under control in a local WLAN. The TCS:App*, which is available for free for iOS and Android, provides the operating surface. Missed door calls are clearly shown in a call list. In order to have control over your house and property multiple cameras can be integrated via the IP gateway into the network and retrieved via a specific app.


  • accept VoIP door calls
  • display door calls incl. the camera image of the video front-door station
  • open the door after accepting a call
  • call list with accepted and missed door calls (with image, name, date and time stamp)
  • display video images from several TCS front-door stations or TCS cameras (with AVU940x0-0010 or FBI610x-0400 + FBI6110-0400)
  • switch over between cameras at the TCS:BUS (with FBI6110-0400+FVU1401-0400)
  • ring tone selection from the series ISx3x30 and sky/skyline
  • ring tone mute can be activated

Requirements for using the TCS:APP

  • for audio communication a SIP-Server must be available
  • devices for audio communication: AVU940x0-0010, FBI610x-0400
  • devices for video communication: AVU940x0-0010, FBI6110-0400
  • device to switch the video sources: FVU1401-0400
  • a wireless network connection (WLAN according to 802.11 b/g/n) or a mobile data connection (3G/4G)


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