Broadband audio-video-modulator

For the conversion of video signals toantenna signals. The broadband audio-video-modulator with LED-display VHF05-GHis suitable for the connection toa TV set or for the feed-in into a communalsystem. It converts a (F)BAS video signal(e.g. of a video camera) to an antenna signal(UHF / VHF) which can be received by a TVset.


  • Input frequency range: 45 ... 862 MHz
  • Input IEC, coaxial socket 75 Ohm
  • Output frequency range: 45 ... 862 MHz
  • Channels for output: CH 2–12; S01–S03;S1–S41; CH 21–69
  • Output IEC, coaxial plug 75 Ohm

audio / video part

  • Input: 1x video cinch, 2x audio cinch(RCA), 1x scart
  • Output: scart (loop-through)
  • Video input impedance:75 ... 1.3 K Ohm
  • Video S/N 40 dB min
  • Input impedance audio: 10 k Ohm
  • Voltage supply: 9… 12 V DC

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Breitband Audio-Video-Modulator H 40 x B 108 x T 85 mm VHF05-GH

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