consisting of built-in call relay TRE1-EB/1,dropping resistor, built-in transmitter RTS17E,socket radio gong RCP04E 1-channel, white

Socket radio gong RCP04E

  • For visual and acoustic display of incoming door calls
  • For use or operation in Schuko socket in the protected indoor area
  • 3 different songs can be selected as a ring tone
  • Duration of ring tone 7s to 1min can be selected individually
  • 2 volumes

Built-in call relay TRE1-EB/1

  • For specific controlling of the built-in transmitter RTS17E for the socket radio gong RCP04-E in case of an incoming door call
  • Suitable for installation and connection in TCS indoor stations, see product information
  • Potential-free relay contact (closing contact: 24V DC/2A)
  • Switch time ex works: 3 seconds/adjustable manually 0.5 to 25s
  • No programming required

Built-in transmitter RTS17E

  • Conversion of the door call signal in a radio telegram and for a diversion of max. 10 seconds to socket radio gong RCP04E
  • Voltage supply TCS:BUS
  • +15…+27V, alternatively 6V–32V DC, 5V–24V AC
  • Frequency: 868.0 MHz (1 channel)

Note: The combination of units must only be operated as part of a TCS:BUS door communication system!


for the visual acoustic additional signalling

  • With LED illumination for additional signaling
  • Amount of ring tones: 39 (in 3 sound profiles ISH1030-.., ISH3030-.., skyline)
  • Call distinction for front-door, floor door and internal call
  • Ring tone distinction of up to 2 frontdoor stations (with 4 sub ring tones)
  • Visual error indication and indication of operation status by red LED
  • Call OFF switch
  • Push button (in hole matrix) for loading the factory setting
  • Automatic announcement to multiple signal bells
  • Volumes for ring tone and announcement adjustable (digital in 8 levels)
  • Error detection, visual error indication
  • Parallel allocation with service device, configo or IR remote control
  • 2-wire operation (up to 2 device parallel) and 3-wire operation possible
  • Colour | material: white | plastic


  • Colour | material: white | plastic

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Radio signal unit H 120 x W 50 x D 75 mm FFL2000-0
Funksignalgerät TRE2 H 120 x B 50 x T 75 mm (Steckdosen-Funkgong) FFL2100-0
Funksignalgerät für Serie TASTA H 120 x B 50 x T 75 mm (Steckdosen-Funkgong) FFL2200-0
Steckdosen-Funkgong RCP04E FFL0001-0000
Einbau-Sender RTS17E FFL0002-0000
Steckdosen-Funkgong mit Quittierung FFL0003-0000
Einschub-Funksendeplatine FFL0004-0000
--- ---
Signal Bell for the TCS:BUS Signal Bell for the TCS:BUS FIL1101-0140
Empty housing H 98 x W 98 x D 15 mm ZFA4000-0140

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