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An individual character makes the difference. Therefore, demandingarchitects, private house builders and building operators attach specialimportance to a unique door communication system. TCS:Individualoffers almost unlimited options for the entrance design – regardingsize, material, colour and labelling.

This is a huge benefit for you as an electrician as youcan fulfil the individual demands of your customers. TCS produces custom-made front-door stations andalso single ones. Thus, you always have the right solutionfor any customer. With TCS:Individual shapes,colours and functions can be selected custom-tailoredto the relevant object.Of course, gravures of names, street names, housenumbers and company signets can be created. Nomatter what, all custom-made products have thesame excellent quality. TCS only uses refined metalsurfaces with maximum precision. This ensuresdurability as well as a perfect design. 


You can choose between stainless steel, aluminium, brass and bronze. In terms of colour, materials can be fitted to the architecture or your corporate identity according to the RAL standard. Available for front-door station series PAK, PES, PUK, KTU, AVE, AVU and AMI.


Coatings like anodised aluminium, powder or PVD as well as brushed or sand-blasted textures can be used. Gravures, laser cut, milling gravure, foil plotting or screen printing can be used to create fonts, signs and signets. Available for front-door station series PAKKTUAVU and AMI.

Key layout

The dimensions of the front panel or post can be selected freely and the keyboard layout can be determined accordingly. Available for front-door station series PAKPESPUKKTUAVE and AVU.

Additional functions

Functions can be added according to your individual preference. From access control and illumination to special buttons. Available for front-door stations of the series PUKKTU and AVU.


Whether in posts or free-standing letterboxes - TCS:INDIVIDUAL offers the right solution for every structural condition.

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