TCS:BUS Speaking Module

  • With integrated microphone
  • For combination with bell button modules and/or display module 3 bell buttons
  • In black or silver, anodised aluminium


System functions
Maximum number of bell buttons resp. Call destinations 208
Maximum number of built-in bell button extensions 6 (ASI21000-0000)
Interface for bell button module With 4-phased service plug
Interface for provided bell buttons Pluggable screw terminals for up to 16 bell buttons (4 x 4 button matrix)
Trigger functions
Light switching With provided bell button
Selection and settings
Full duplex voice transmission Yes (for indoor stations with receiver)
Allocations for each bell button Max. 2 indoor stations
Volume voice emission / Switching tone Manually adjustable
Communication connection during door release time Settable
Storage Interchangeably plugged-in
Housing, installation, functional extensions
Type of installation Flush-mount
Microphone Integrated and disconnectable
Functional extension door release Connectable with R-terminal
Note The built-in door loudspeakers module is only combinable with the bell button module and/or the display module LCD graphics, 3 keys. For front door stations with display module LCD graphics the loudspeaker module is used. All other modules are freely comb
Dimensions in H x W x D in mm
Module 105 x 105 x 51
Front plate section 82 x 82

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
TCS:BUS speakers module, black anodised H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI11110-0057
TCS:BUS speakers module, silver anodised H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI11110-0010
Einbau-Klingeltasten­erweiterung ASI31000-0000

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