Saving valuable working time


Just plug and play – thanks to configo:packs. TCS handles the complete configuration for you according to individual requirements. Thus, only one person who has no experience in BUS technology can do the installation. The configuration file for the installation is available upon request so it can be modified and adjusted later on.

  • Preconfigured BUS technology
  • Saves time
  • No experience in BUS technology required for installation
  • Price per bell button
  • Including system documentation as programming table
  • With configuration files upon request for later modifications
  • Optional TCS wiring plan service

A quick and easy way to a perfectly configured system

The factory-provided configuration service configo:pack allows the installer to easily and quickly install the TCS system. The bell button allocation on the front door station is configured with any indoor station according to specifications provided by the installer. The installer installs on site, connects cables and the system works. Without time risk for a one-man installation, also without experience in BUS technology.

What does configo:pack cost?

The factory-provided configuration service costs EUR 4,00 per bell button plus VAT.
Please use our free-of-charge wiring diagram service.

How is configo:pack to be ordered?

1. Please download the attached planning form and fill it in.
2. Please send the planning form via e-mail to TCS.
3. TCS sends back an offer with the configuration number / order number.
4. The devices are ordered, configured by TCS and sent out to the installer.

The system documentation will be created via a programming table which is part of the scope of delivery. TCS will deliver the configuration file for the installation upon request. Thus, the installer will always be able to modify and adjust the system at a later stage.


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