Service device

Designed for the time-saving initial operationof standard systems the service devicealso supports a quick system check. It isinexpensive, easy to use but only as bigas a handset. The service device is simplyconnected to the BUS via a service plug inthe front-door station enabling a centralprogramming of the basic functions of thedevices via the front-door station.The power supply is delivered directly viathe BUS. The TCS system is very easy toprogram, configure and maintain saving theuser a lot of time.

Functions and benefits

1. Programming bell buttons

Bell buttons can easily be programmed on the service device without the need of a second person.

2. Special functions

Implementation of specific functions like a programming lock. The system cannot be reprogrammed by mistake. The lock can be removed by the service device.

3. Testing the voice communication

By means of the service device voice communications to the front-door and the indoor stations can be tested.

4. Reviewing the :BUS installation in service mode

The service device indicates multiple TCS:BUS parameters like e.g. :BUS voltages, :BUS commands etc.

5. Call suppression

During an activated call suppression calls from the house or front-door and flat door are suppressed. Thus, all basic functions can be tested, and the user is not bothered by frequent bell ringing. Unintentional operation of the system by the tenant is not applicable.

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Servicegerät zur Inbetriebnahme und Wartung 200 x 50 x 50 mm TCSK-02

Extended functions

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