Bell button module

  • With 1 to 4 bell buttons and info field
  • LED name plate illumination
  • Switching functions of buttons programmable
  • In black or silver, anodised aluminium


System functions
Number of bell buttons 1 to 4
Trigger functions
Door call (2x) Programmable per call button
Light switching / Switching functions Programmable per call button
Programming mode / Failure Via various blinking modes
Name plate illumination White (LED)
4-pole service port For display module LCD graphics / for built-in door speakers module
4-pole service port For additional bell button module
Housing, installation, functional extensions
Type of installation Flush-mount installation behind 3 mm resp. 1,5 mm to 2,5mm fronts (with supplied distance plates)
Material and Colour Aluminium, anodised black or silver
Opening principle win:clip
Combinable With built-in door communication module / display module LCD graphics / additional bell button module / further modules of series AMI (camera, access control,…)
Dimensions in H x W x D in mm
Front plate section 82 x 82
Bell button module 105 x 105 x 25
Projecting in front door stations See TCS projecting forms

Technical data

Electrical properties
Signal transmission and power supply Capacity-free and circuit-proof 2-wire TCS:BUS
Circuitry (number of wires) 3 (a/b, P)
Power supply 24 V ± 8%
Power input / (a) 0,3 mA
Power input / (P), in resting 4,5 mA
Climatic Characteristics
Admissible ambient temperature -25 to +55 °C
UV resistance Unlimited
Scope of delivery
Product Bell button module
Accessories Name plate, win:clip-key, 4-pole connecting cable, distance foil 0,5 mm, product information

Article numbers

Description H x W x D in mm Article number
Bell button module with 1 key H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI10911-00..
Bell button module with 2 keys H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI10912-00..
Bell button module with 3 keys H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI10913-00..
Bell button module with 4 keys H 82 x W 82 mm (Front plate section) AMI10914-00..
----- -----
Decor design in silver anodised -10
Decor design in black anodised -57

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