TCS for the multi-family home

In a multi-family home door communication has to work in several ways. Optically the front door station has to integrate itself into the entrance area and has to reproduce the living structure in a clear and transparent way. At a glance it must be clear how many floors in the building are occupied and if from this entrance only one front building or also rear buildings can be accessed. Thereupon, aesthetics do play an important role. Unlike other stations that are made of plastics, the metal surfaces of TCS front door stations distinguish themselves with durability and resistance and preserve a confident appearance even after years of intensive use. A powerful backlight and the size of the name plates are the important functional aspects in the outdoor area. Only a sufficient size guarantees a good readability, also for long or hyphenated names. Into the front door station, besides a video camera, also a locking system in form of a codelock or transponder reader can be integrated. These functional extensions offer an uncomplicated access also to several buildings for residents or members of the house service.While outdoors nearly all users operate one front door station, indoors each flat can be differentiated according to demand and individual requirements. Here, the indoor station can be a simple door telephone or also a ten inch sized full display station. The variety of additional functions is hardly unlimited. For owners, facility managers or other operators of several multi-family homes or residential parks front door stations with electronic name displays are of great interest. By means of TCS software the here displayed resident names, but also the access rights for numeric codes resp. transponder keys can be administered centrally. Thus, cost is reduced and the comfort is enhanced.

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