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Individual entrance systems

Indoor meets outdoor

Only the entrance makes an architectural object usable. The entrance connects the outside world with the life inside. But door and gate provide more than just simple access. The entrance is a multifunctional gateway. Here visitors register and orient themselves. They are identified and gain access and mail can be submitted and stored. The host presents himself by design and comfort to his guests.

Shape combines function

The concept of ENTRY combines the various functions of an entry into a system. This system enables new creative freedom. Thus, technology and design can be integrated properly and harmonious into the architecture ‚Äď consistent, individual and future-oriented. Because with time tenants can change, buildings can be used differently or new functions will be integrated.

Bringing in personal ideas

ENRTY creates new space of individual configuration, so planners, architects, investors and operators can implement the entrance in a way that is functional and creative apposite to the object. As an integrated system ENTRY supports modern technology for light, communication and security as well as classical materials and traditional shapes. Thereby ENTRY goes without a standardized product line, but offers individually cooperative developed solutions for each project.



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